TCO / ROI compared to an on-premise solution

O&O Syspectr not only makes the daily work of Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) easier, it also reduces your fixed costs.

Cost of RMM solution with dedicated server on-premise:

Item One-time cost Monthly cost
Server Hardware 5,000 Euros
Server OS: Windows 2016 625 Euros
Backup Solution (O&O DiskImage Server) 300 Euros
Server setup 8h 400 Euros
Maintenance & Monitoring 12h 600 Euros
Room rental, electricity and cooling 150 Euros
6,625 Euros 750 Euros
  • Costs over 3 years: 6,625 euros + 3x 9,000 euros = 33,625 euros!
  • And that does not include the costs for the actual monitoring & management, but only the provision and operation of the hardware!

Costs for O&O Syspectr in the (German) cloud

  • 0 euros (in words: zero euros)
  • All other costs (roll-out, monitoring, additional licenses) are identical or rather lower than on-premises solutions, due to the simplicity and flexibility of O&O Syspectr.