Stored System Information

With O&O Syspectr you can monitor your computer systems from anywhere in the world and be automatically notified of special events that could endanger the safety or functionality of your computer. In order for O&O Syspectr to work, we need certain permissions that we would like to explain below.

System information

O&O Syspectr needs – like any system administration program – access to information of your PC systems in order, for example, to show the hardware information. So that you can access this information via the web interface in O&O Syspectr we store it on our servers. These servers are located in Germany and are – just as we as a German company – subject to the Federal Data Protection Act. This also means that we never store any personal data or files from you and will never transfer it to ourselves or third parties at any time.

Remote management functions

O&O Syspectr provides functions that exclusively enable only you and the people you authorize to  access systems via remote management functions, such as the Remote Console. Use of this function is yours alone and is conditional upon the consent of users of remote systems in your network.  Please also follow here the relevant privacy regulations that may apply in your company.

Closing your account

If you ever want to close your account, we will delete your information from our server. Please note that due to backups that are created on a regular basis and the associated technical challenges this creates, it may take several months to completely removal all your information. The backup data is not actively used but serves purely as protection in the event of a system failure.

If you have purchased services related to O&O Syspectr, then only your relevant booking information is stored by our partner for payment processing and is stored in accordance with all relevant legal guidelines.

Contact for any questions

Should you have any questions or comments pertaining to storage of your information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to help!