Greener IT with O&O Syspectr

As we showed you on the page “TCO / ROI compared to an on-premise solution”, with O&O Syspectr you clearly cut your costs for running a remote monitoring & management solution. But using O&O Syspectr also helps the environment as a huge amount of CO2 emissions can be spared:

Comparison of

CO2 footprint

CO2 emissions for a specific server

  • An average of 200 W / h is 1,752 kW per year
  • At an average of 474 g / kWh CO2 (according to the Federal Environment Agency 2018) the result is 830 kg CO2 per year
  • This doesn’t even include a backup server or extra power consumption (e.g. for cooling)

CO2 emissions with O&O Syspectr

  • All servers run in a data center and are shared by many customers
  • As a result of the optimized infrastructure we produce just 3.5 kg CO2 per customer per year
  • This DOES include backups and cooling in the data center!