Until now IT management was always characterized by a local interaction, i.e. someone in the company was always responsible for the smooth running of hardware and software. This is taken for granted in large enterprises and is often carried out by an entire department or even out-sourced to an IT company.

No IT management = Potential high costs

Lots of smaller companies however cannot and/or do not want to have to invest so much money in a full-time position. IT has become such an integral part of the running of any company though, and without it the consequences are grave. What often arises is a “hybrid” solution involving a contractually appointed IT consultant whose presence is required for monthly maintenance or in the case of an emergency.

This is often sadly inadequate in providing a watertight IT environment – problems tend to be “collected” and then resolved all at once. Certain problems require immediate action, for instance when an anti-virus solution crashes or a data storage problem with a server occurs.

O&O Syspectr helps companies, IT consultants & MSPs

O&O Syspectr closes all these dangerous gaps, not only for a company but also for IT consultants and MSPs. Thanks to the permanent monitoring of the most important system data and immediate problem notifications, the person responsible for IT can react without delay to any issues that may arise and in doing so guarantee that running operations remain undisturbed – business as usual.

The reporting system in O&O Syspectr means it is extremely easy to give an IT consultant the option of providing their service remotely as he or she is kept fully informed while on the road or away from site.

Easy to adopt

Using a cloud-based system management solution is as easy as using a website. No additional infrastructure is required and everything is stored in a data center.

Worldwide availability

You have access to the system anywhere in the world. This means that the geographical, local situation in other locations no longer plays a role as everyone within the company has equal access and availability. There is very little involved then in connecting field or branch offices with the company. Even with employees who are on the road with their systems, all that is required is an internet connection to keep track and manage – no further systems or hardware needed, or an extensive travel budget. You can react immediately and without delay to an emerging problem.

Automatic updates

Updating the systems occurs on the server side so that the user sees nothing. Client applications are also updated automatically from a central location so that a manual intervention is never required.

Easy to manage

It just takes one click to add a new app so the functionality is available immediately. No time-consuming planning, no roll-out; everything happens automatically. Management takes place over every compatible browser so that you can manage from a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone with no extra software required. The entire process is transparent as far as the user is concerned.

Cost savings

Using the Cloud means that no additional infrastructure is needed with O&O Syspectr. Extra staff (external) are also not needed like with traditional packages as it is as easy to use as a normal web application. Easier, in fact, because there is no user interface on the PCs that might “disturb” the user. You have no high investment or upgrade costs as with traditional software packages.

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