The O&O Syspectr Premium Edition

The Premium Edition is ideal for all companies with 10 or more machines who want to experience the full performance and bandwidth of O&O Syspectr. The premium option from O&O Syspectr offers you a wide range of options for managing your computers and servers. Create computer groups, apply settings and tasks centrally, generate detailed reports and archive them for up to 180 days, conclude Data Processing Agreements in accordance with GDPR and much more besides.

For just 29 euros per month (net price) or 290 euros per year (net price) you can activate all current and future special premium functions from O&O Syspectr for all computers you manage.
You can test the premium functionality free of charge and without obligation for 30 days. Then you decide whether you want to continue using it. All data is automatically adopted after the test, so you can get started right away!

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By the way: did you know that by using O&O Syspectr you save an average of 33,625 euros over 3 years? And that is just savings on the maintenance and servicing of the hardware you would otherwise require! Read more by clicking the link below:

TCO / ROI compared to an on-premise solution