Pack: Remote Control

Remote Control – Pack
Maintain complete control over all computers in your company – from anywhere in the world and with just a Smartphone or laptop. Resolve problems that arise even when you’re not on site using the Remote Desktop or by command-line with the Remote Console. Thanks to  PowerShell scripting, even major changes are no problem. And all of this with maximum security Made in Germany.

Remote Desktop

The integrated Remote Desktop in O&O Syspectr characterizes itself through many new features one would not normally see in other remote management systems. Perhaps the most important one is that to achieve a connection with the remote computer all that is required is that the O&O Syspectr client runs on the target machine. No extra software is required – the application runs entirely in every current browser. This enables access to the computer from any internet-capable device (PC, smartphone, tablet, TV etc.) from anywhere on earth.

Remote Console

With the Remote Console, you can open on the remote computer a Windows command prompt with administrative privileges. There you can deduct as usual appropriate commands on Windows and track spending in the browser.

PowerShell scripts

Control via the command line, Full flexibility with their own PowerShell scripts.

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