O&O RemoteDesktop+ – Remote management in the browser

The integrated Remote Desktop in O&O Syspectr characterizes itself through many new features one would not normally see in other remote management systems. Perhaps the most important one is that to achieve a connection with the remote computer all that is required is that the O&O Syspectr client runs on the target machine. No extra software is required – the application runs entirely in every current browser. This enables access to the computer from any internet-capable device (PC, smartphone, tablet, TV etc.) from anywhere on earth. As no browser Plug-Ins are needed, this can even be done from a public PC or internet cafe.

The “+” in Remote Desktop signifies the automatic display of all important system information, so that you do not have to remotely search for it first. This information is still available for you even when the remote computer is no longer online or has been shut down.


A common problem when using remote management tools is their access to running systems. Additional drivers are installed and it is carried out using a so-called “DLL Injection”. This means that the remote management client latches on to every running application on the remote machine in order to be able to see any graphic changes. This leads to an impact on the system because some applications are not prepared for another process “connecting” to them. These include security relevant applications that recognize in this activity a potential attack on their integrity and take defensive measures.

O&O Syspectr deliberately avoids this procedure and therefore runs independently in the background. This not only increases stability and security but also avoids compatibility problems. And it is precisely on that basis that O&O Syspectr was developed: to avoid problems, not to create them.

Security and data protection

Using a remote management tool on a computer also entails a potential access to the private sphere of the user. That is why we placed particular emphasis on the fact that the user is fully informed of the remote connection and must give his or her agreement first. He or she can also end the connection any time they wish.

When building the connection a registered user is presented with a large and very clearly worded dialog. They then have the option to accept or reject the connection. The user is informed should it be rejected and no data is transferred.

If it is accepted, the connection is built and a dialog appears in the bottom right of the screen that shows the status of the remote session. A button is always available to enable an immediate cancellation.

It is also possible for the PC user to give the remote manager limitless permission to automatically connect. This is useful when the user is not always sitting at the PC but still wishes it to be managed in his or her absence. A one-time connection together with confirmation of the permission is all that is required. During the session the usual dialog with the option to end is displayed.

Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication protects your account against unauthorized access. In addition to your user name and password, a second factor is required in order to confirm your identity to the system. This will require your installing a so-called “Authenticator” app on your mobile phone that will be connected to your account. If you want to learn more about our two factor authentication, please read our FAQ article.


Here is a comparison of the remote desktop in O&O Syspectr with other remote management solutions:

FeatureO&O RemoteDesktop+Other providers
Installation on client side required
Encrypted communication
Two factor authenticationpartly
Active acceptance of remote machine user required to abide by data protectionpartly
Runs in all current browsers with no additional software or Plug-Ins
Avoids DLL injection and guarantees system integrity
Avoids additional system drivers - maximum compatibility for all Windows versions