All the screenshots you see come from a web browser because you can start O&O Syspectr from any PC, Smartphone or tablet and from anywhere on earth. Wherever you are, all your machines are just a click away.


In the Dashboard you have all important information at a glance: Which computers are on or off, which have possible issues and which computers were newly found in your network. Your favorites are listed clearly with a current status update.



Computer shows all computers that you have added to O&O Syspectr and their current status. One click on the appropriate tile and you have a full access to that machine’s information.


Computer View

Once you click on a particular computer tile you can see all information on that machine. At the top you see the hardware configuration, and below a display of the individual apps assigned to that computer and their current status.


Windows Security

Here you can immediately see any potential dangers for your computers: is the antivirus program active and up-to-date? Is the Windows firewall turned on? If not, you can activate them all from here!


Hard Disk Drives

In this app (which also displays other media such as Solid State Drives) you can check the built-in storage volumes and their fill levels. This information is also available even when the computer is turned off.


O&O DriveLED

O&O DriveLED provides you with a permanent health-check for your hard disks and SSDs: temperature, operating time and S.M.A.R.T values are monitored and you are notified whenever a problem arises.