Pack: Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring – Pack
Reduce security risks within your company: O&O Syspectr warns you if any critical Windows components are being changed or if important Windows updates are available. Avoid unauthorized removal of company data by USB devices (Data Loss Prevention).

Windows security

This app provides a view of your system’s security status. O&O Syspectr checks the most sensitive areas of Windows and lets you know if there’s any potential problem. Is, for example, a guest account still active or the User Account Control (UAC) disabled? O&O Syspectr immediately detects potential security leaks and keeps them under permanent observation. You’ll be informed if ever the Windows Firewall is disabled. This way you’ll be able to respond immediately and enable it, even if you’re on the road! O&O Syspectr also monitors your Antivirus program for updates and their installation to make sure you have maximum protection.

Windows updates

Operating systems that are not up to date are among the most common targets for hackers. That’s why it’s especially important for your system to have all the latest updates for Windows and other Microsoft products installed. In this app, O&O Syspectr lists available updates and you can decide whether these should be installed immediately. O&O Syspectr installs updates for Windows Defender immediately and automatically as soon as these become available and automatic installation for Windows updates has ben enabled on the computer. Windows itself installs them – even if automatic updates has been enabled – only after a set interval so that possible security gaps might arise. O&O Syspectr protects you from this happening.

USB monitoring

Protection from theft: The connection of USB disks (sticks, hard disks, or mobile phones) can involve two kinds of risks: they can bring malware into the system and important data can be saved on these devices and taken away. The USB monitoring app can let you prevent external disks from being connected – including Smartphones – and you can also be informed if such a disk is being connected on one of your systems.

Process monitoring

The Process Watcher in O&O Syspectr informs you if an unwanted process has started or a monitored process is no longer running. You can set every program, process and service as a process.

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