Pack: System Management

System Management – Pack
Reduce company overhead: avoid over or under licensing, receive early warning of any impending drive failure and have round the clock,  hands-on control of individual desktop and server configurations.

Hardware inventory

The Hardware inventory app shows you the integrated components on computers/servers. This allows the admin to detect, from any location, whatever hardware device is needed for setting up a computer or the defective component that needs to be replaced. Even while the computer/server itself is offline.

Software inventory

The Software inventory app provides all information about installed programs. You have an overview of selected sites as well as the entire company, and can easily find obsolete or unused software licenses. Use O&O Syspectr to uninstall software that is obsolete or no longer wanted on the computers being monitored.

Hard disk monitoring

Hard disk monitoring lets you see the used partitions on every computer’s hard disk/SSDs. It provides a quick view over the entire volume and the amount of free space available on every partition. It also warns you whenever the free space available is below a certain level and saving new data is no longer possible, or if your Windows is not working correctly or much too slowly.

O&O DriveLED

With O&O DriveLED, we’ve integrated and enhanced our popular desktop product O&O Syspectr. It shows how “healthy” your hard disks, SSDs, and RAIDs really are, and keeps you informed just in case there’s any trouble. This can be a high temperature or an error reported by the drive itself that could result in an imminent crash. To do this we use S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) that is supported by all current drives.

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