Module: Software inventory

Software inventory

Module: Software inventory

The Software inventory module provides all information about installed programs. You have an overview of selected sites as well as the entire company, and can easily find obsolete or unused software licenses. Use O&O Syspectr to uninstall software that is obsolete or no longer wanted on the computers being monitored.
  • Save money: no need to buy new licenses for software you’re no longer using.
  • Security: obsolete software can be a target of external attack.
  • Less work for the IT Help Desk: avoids data loss and incompatibilities caused by simultaneous use of different software versions.
  • Lets you know which version of the operating system is installed. In addition: O&O Syspectr can be used starting from Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server!
  • All O&O Syspectr data is saved exclusively in our German data center and is subject to German laws concerning privacy – among the strictest in the world.

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