Pack: System Optimisation

System Optimisation – Pack
Optimize the performance and memory capacity of your servers and computers. Doing so will dramatically reduce the number of requests sent to your Help Desk (“My computer is running so slowly”). Reduce costs of hardware procurement by being able to use your existing hardware for an average of one year longer: thanks to a stabilized, high level of performance and noticeably lower abrasion on the integrated hard disks.

O&O Defrag

Fragmentation of the Windows file system is still one of the main causes for loss of performance on every Windows PC/server. The O&O Defrag App lets you manage the optimization and acceleration of your PCs and servers over the Internet, no matter where you might be located. And you can do this with any device that has an Internet connection such as a Tablet, Smartphone or PC!

O&O DiskCleaner

The O&O DiskCleaner App identifies files that are no longer needed and that can be safely deleted to make free space available on all drives. Among them are temporary and Internet files, miniature views, contents of the Recycle bin, and dumps. As a result, it’s often possible to free many GBs worth of used space that is not needed.

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