Module: O&O Defrag

O&O Defrag

Module: O&O Defrag

Fragmentation of the Windows file system is still one of the main causes for loss of performance on every Windows PC/server.

The O&O Defrag module lets you manage the optimization and acceleration of your PCs and servers over the Internet, no matter where you might be located. And you can do this with any device that has an Internet connection such as a Tablet, Smartphone or PC!
  • Increase in performance of up to 100% possible
  • Faster system and program starts
  • Extension of the hardware life expectancy for up to three years: reduced hard disk abrasion as a result of fewer read/write accesses
  • Faster backups: defragmentation dramatically reduces the time needed for making and restoring backups
  • Increased chances for restoring lost data
  • All O&O Syspectr data is saved exclusively in our German data center and is subject to German laws concerning privacy – among the strictest in the world

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