Latest innovations in Public Channel (available for all users):

Latest innovations in Insider Channel (only available for users who have actively enabled this):

The new Insider Channel at O&O Syspectr is now available. This allows interested users to obtain new and enhanced modules before all other users. This feature can only be enabled per computer via the settings menu. Please note that these modules may contain errors or not fully function.  For this reason we do not recommend them for use on systems that are of critical importance!

To coincide with the release of O&O Syspectr as a free solution, we have made the following changes:

In response to the possible vulnerability of nearly all IT systems worldwide to Meltdown and Spectre attack scenarios, we’ve extended O&O Syspectr to identify afflicted computers. This extension is based on Microsoft guidelines for identifying such problems on current Windows systems:

If one of these features reports a problem, it could mean that the system in question is experiencing an attack as a result of Meltdown and/or Spectre. This being the case, you should contact your hardware supplier to obtain the necessary updates.

(*) Note: This feature must be actively enabled by the user because it is not enabled by default.

After a long period of development, we’re now happy to release the new O&O Syspectr Service. It contains not only a large number of improvements, but extensions and preparations for future features as well.  The following is a list of changes: