O&O Syspectr is free

And there is no limit to the number of Windows machines that you can manage while using it. This applies to desktop PCs and servers as well as to virtual machines.

O&O Syspectr requires no additional hardware. Simply install the Windows Client and that’s it. O&O Syspectr will be automatically configured and the Client will also refresh itself automatically.

We hope you’ll tell all your friends and colleagues about how much you like it. And whenever you need additional tools for Windows, please remember that O&O has a number of other things to offer:

Our Tools for Windows

Premium apps

Optionally, you can further adapt O&O Syspectr to suit your needs with our fee-based Premium Apps. For example, you can use the O&O Defrag premium apps to optimize your machines and significantly extend the hardware life.

Learn more about the O&O Defrag premium app

Extended functionality for IT Service Providers and MSP

If you want to manage and support Windows systems for your customers, we can offer you extended functionality for a low monthly fee, including extensive client management and our professional tool O&O BlueCon for on-site emergency assistance. This enables you to optimally support your customers and at the same time offer an inexpensive IT management system, fully in accordance with GDPR. If you wish, you can also create and download Data Processing Agreements.

Learn more about the MSP functionality.

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Any questions about O&O Syspectr and how to use it? Please get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you further!

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