O&O Syspectr is free

And there is no limit to the number of Windows machines that you can manage while using it. This applies to desktop PCs and servers as well as to virtual machines.

O&O Syspectr requires no additional hardware. Simply install the Windows Client and that’s it. O&O Syspectr will be automatically configured and the Client will also refresh itself automatically. After that, you’ll do no more running around from machine to machine. :-)

We hope you’ll tell all your friends and colleagues about how much you like it. And whenever you need additional tools for Windows, please remember that O&O has a number of other things to offer: Our Tools for Windows

Any questions about O&O Syspectr and how to use it? Please use this form to get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you further!

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Fair Use Policy: please contact us if you’d like to use O&O Syspectr on more than 10.000 end devices

Frequently Asked Questions

Using O&O Syspectr for free

Is O&O Syspectr really free?

Yes, it is really free. You are under no obligations and can stop using it whenever you wish.

Can I use O&O Syspectr within my company?

Yes, it may be used free of charge by private users as well as by companies and organizations.

As an IT Service Provider. can I use O&O Syspectr for my customers?

Yes, doing so is also possible free of charge. You can setup and manage customer accounts over the MSP feature.

How many machines/endpoints can I manage in my account?

Unlimited. We do, with respect to our Fair Use Policy, request that you contact us if you plan to use O&O Syspectr on more than 10,000 endpoints. This way we can make sure and reserve the necessary amount of server capacity.