Client App O&O Syspectr can be used on 64-bit Windows systems starting from Windows 8.1 and Windows 2012 Server (R2). Microsoft .NET 4.8 Framework, is required. This is available free of charge and can be installed automatically if not already … Continue reading

At the moment, O&O Syspectr can do the following: Detect information about hardware, especially level of usage on hard drives, SSDs, and other disks Monitor the condition of PCs (online/offline, the health status of hard disks, etc.) Software inventory Monitor … Continue reading

Installing O&O Syspectr is very easy: Download and installation of the Client app Add computer to O&O-Syspectr account Ready Your O&O-Syspectr account can be created during installation or even beforehand. You’ll then be able to manage your computers in any … Continue reading