MSP features are available to anyone with an O&O Syspectr account. After login you can click your name at the upper right in the program window and then click Managed Accounts. Once there you’ll be able to setup accounts for … Continue reading

Two factor authentication protects your account against unauthorized access. In addition to your user name and password, a second factor is required in order to confirm your identity to the system. This will require your installing a so-called “Authenticator” app … Continue reading

Yes, you can allow another O&O Syspectr user to access your account provided that you are using. You have the option of giving another user read-only or writing permissions to your account. Read-only permissions will allow another user to see … Continue reading

If you forget your password, you can have a new (temporary) one sent to your email address. Enter your E-mail here and confirm the resetting of your password.

If you wish to change your password, proceed as follows: Login to your account. Click “My Account” . Click “Security Settings” Enter your new password and confirm it. You must then login using the new password you created.

Should you wish to change the e-mail address assigned to your account, please send us a message from within your O&O Syspectr account. We will then contact you to go through the next steps.