To use a PowerShell script on multiple computers simultaneously, please do the following: Select a computer in your account that enabled the PowerShell app. Click the PowerShell app there and switch to the Script Library (above right button). In the … Continue reading

The PowerShell is available in different versions. To find out which version is installed on your system, you can investigate using O&O Syspectr in the Dashboard. Basically: Version 1.0 is obsolete and should no longer be used Version 2.0 is … Continue reading

Executing scripts is possible as follows: Manually – manual execution using O&O Syspectr Automatically during system start – the script runs at each system start up Automatically at certain times – the times can be specified using crontab-Syntax If the … Continue reading

Each script provides a result value (so-called. exit code) at the end. This value influences the status of your computer and is interpreted as follows: exit 0 (or no exit code was delivered): Status OK (green) exit 1: Status warning … Continue reading

PowerShell scripts can be fully managed in O&O Syspectr via the web application. You can create, edit, activate and deactivate, and delete scripts. In other words, you can create, edit and see the results of a script for one of … Continue reading

Actually, PowerShell works in O&O Syspectr just as if you were working directly on the computer. In addition, O&O Syspectr offers the evaluation of the outcome of the PowerShell script and scheduling, as you may know from Linux crontab . … Continue reading