Executing scripts is possible as follows:

  • Manually – manual execution using O&O Syspectr
  • Automatically during system start – the script runs at each system start up
  • Automatically at certain times – the times can be specified using crontab-Syntax

Syntax of scheduling

If the user-defined execution is enabled, the scripts can be run automatically. The line consists of the following 5 fields:

[Minutes] [Hours] [Days] [Months] [Weekdays]

Definition of fields

FieldValid valuesNotes
Minutes0...59 | * for each minute
Hours0...23 | * for each hour
Days1...31 | * for each dayIf days and weekdays are used together, they are not evaluated together but individually (see exception on examples)
Months1...12 | * for each month
Weekdays0...7 | * for each weekday0 or 7 stand for Sunday

Examples for scheduling with O&O Syspectr

100***Each day ten minutes to midnight.
100**3Each Wednesday ten minutes to midnight.
0****Every day on each full hour
*/154-16**6,7Every 15 minutes between 4 a.m. and 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.
*****Every minute (minimal setting option)
*141-1051On May 1 to 10 and on each Monday in May at 2 p.m.; This is an exception, when days and weekdays are used together

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