To use a PowerShell script on multiple computers simultaneously, please do the following:

  1. Select a computer in your account that enabled the PowerShell app. Click the PowerShell app there and switch to the Script Library (above right button).
  2. In the Library, select the script you want to use on the computer. This will bring you into editing mode.
  3. Below right you’ll see a button  “Add computer”. Click it.
  4. In the following menu, you can select the computer you want by choosing individual ones (holding the Ctrl key) or entire sections (holding the Shift key).
  5. Select in the Execution listbox “Manual execution – run now” and click “Add”

The script will then be added to all the computers and run immediately. You can also set up a schedule for running the script if so desired. To do this select another option in the Execution listbox.

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