Performance improvements [24. July 2019]
Changes in the Public Channel (available to all users):
  • FIX: Performace improvements in the DiskCleaner module
  • Minor bugfixes and customizations, correction of misspellings and localizations
Extensions of the group function [2. May 2019]
Changes in the Public Channel (available to all users):
  • NEW: Send message to all computers in a group, also at different times
  • NEW: Create group reports (PDF)
  • NEW: Shut down or restart active computers in a group
  • FIX: Improvements in computer tags
  • Minor bugfixes and customizations, correction of misspellings and localizations
Advanced group management available [9. April 2019]
What's new in the Public Channel (available to all users):
  • NEW: Integration of advanced group management:
    • Shows status of the systems
    • Tags define groups, but can stand alone
  • NEW: Avira module now group-compatible:
    • Setup and configuration on any number of systems
  • NEW: The hardware module is now in the new group system
  • NEW: Infrastructure optimized in terms of performance and reliability
O&O Defrag 22 available [23. January 2019]
Changes in the Public Channel (available to all users):
  • NEW: Integration of O&O Defrag 22
  • FIX: Avira AntiVirus' USB-Protection selectable
Changes December 12th, 2018 [12. December 2018]
Changes in the Public Channel (available to all users):
  • NEW: Avira AntiVirus Module available
  • FIX: Remote Desktop: Alt-Gr was wrongly handled by some browsers (e.g. Firefox)
  • FIX: Hardware Monitor: Client load and notifications optimized
  • FIX: Drive Monitoring: Client load and notifications optimized
  • FIX: Client load generally reduced, High Accuracy Mode active for relevant modules only
  • Technical corrections made in the Dashboard
  • Dashboard security increased
Latest innovations in Insider Channel (only available for users who have actively enabled this):
  • NEW: Integration of O&O Defrag 22
  • NEW: Possibility to assign tags to computer
Changes May 29th, 2018 [29. May 2018]
Changes in the Public Channel (available to all users):
  • NEW: Drive Monitoring now detects NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) drives
  • NEW: Sensor detection expanded in the hardware module
  • NEW: Improved driver installation for Windows Updates
  • NEW: Microsoft Windows Update services can be paused
  • NEW: Net-Send function in the computer dashboard
  • NEW: In the “Disk Usage” module, the BitLocker status is now displayed per partition
  • FIX: The Remote Desktop dialog was barely legible with a text size of 200%: this has been fixed
BitLocker status available [22. March 2018]
Latest innovations in Insider Channel (only available for users who have actively enabled this):
  • NEW: Module "Disk Usage" now shows BitLocker status for each partition
New module “Processes and Services” [14. March 2018]
Latest innovations in Public Channel (available for all users):
  • NEW: “Processes and Services“ module for monitoring and modifying processes and services
  • NEW: The build number of Windows 10 will now be displayed in the computer view
  • NEW: In response to user requests, the time format has been extended with an “AM/PM“ setting in the account
  • NEW: Windows Security: program icons have been updated and extended
  • NEW: The settings for modules in computers will now display all available modules and not just the ones that have been assigned to that computer
Latest innovations in Insider Channel (only available for users who have actively enabled this):
  • NEW: Drive monitoring now recognizes NVMe drives (Non-Volatile Memory Express)
  • NEW: Detection in the Hardware module has been extended
  • NEW: Driver installation for Windows Updates has been improved
  • FIX: Remote Desktop dialog was no  longer readable with 200% font size; this has been corrected
Insider Channel now available [23. February 2018]
The new Insider Channel at O&O Syspectr is now available. This allows interested users to obtain new and enhanced modules before all other users. This feature can only be enabled per computer via the settings menu. Please note that these modules may contain errors or not fully function.  For this reason we do not recommend them for use on systems that are of critical importance!
O&O Syspectr is now free [15. February 2018]
To coincide with the release of O&O Syspectr as a free solution, we have made the following changes:
  • NEW: O&O Syspectr is now free – with no limits on its use and the number of machines
  • Dashboard:
    • FIX: Sorting has been corrected in the computer view
  • Windows Update Module
    • NEW: Errors during installation of a driver will now be displayed
  • Drive Monitoring Module
    • NEW: NVMe disks are now supported
    • NEW: S.M.A.R.T. support extended
    • FIX: Correction for too many messages being sent
  • Remote Desktop Module
    • FIX: Session information will now always be displayed
  • Disk Usage Module
    • NEW: NVMe disks are now supported
  • Defrag Module
    • NEW: O&O Defrag 21 agent is now supported
Identifying Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities [18. January 2018]
In response to the possible vulnerability of nearly all IT systems worldwide to Meltdown and Spectre attack scenarios, we’ve extended O&O Syspectr to identify afflicted computers. This extension is based on Microsoft guidelines for identifying such problems on current Windows systems:
  • New: Expansion of the "Windows Security" module to include the following features (*)
    • Checking hardware to see how current its firmware is
    • Expanded verification of Windows-Updates to see how up to date they are
    • Verification of configured Windows settings
  • Various minor bug fixes and customizations (such as correction of spelling errors)
If one of these features reports a problem, it could mean that the system in question is experiencing an attack as a result of Meltdown and/or Spectre. This being the case, you should contact your hardware supplier to obtain the necessary updates. (*) Note: This feature must be actively enabled by the user because it is not enabled by default.
Enhancement of the dashboard and bug fixes [22. August 2017]
  • New: In the computer list on the dashboard, a column headed “Last Connection” has been added, which can also be sorted
  • Logging has been corrected
  • The module for monitoring drives has been corrected, which was displaying too many messages during processing
Update of the O&O Syspectr Service [30. June 2017]

After a long period of development, we’re now happy to release the new O&O Syspectr Service. It contains not only a large number of improvements, but extensions and preparations for future features as well.  The following is a list of changes:

  • New: The image repetition rate and quality of image transfer can now be selected in the Remote Desktop.
  • New: Hardware recognition has been extended in the Hardware module.
  • New: XEN virtualizations will now be taken into consideration.
  • New: O&O Defrag 20.5 is now supported.
  • New: Only the agent will be installed when using O&O Defrag, and no  longer the entire program environment with user interface.
  • Fix: A domain firewall will also be correctly treated on non-domain computers.
  • Fix: Installation on a Hyper-V computer will now be correctly recognized.
  • Fix: Changes to the subscriptions will no longer result in frequent error notices.
  • Fix: An MTP device connected to a USB port will no longer be displayed as unlocked in the USB module.
  • Fix: Installation of drivers during a Windows update has been corrected.
  • Various minor bug fixes and fine-tuning (e.g. errors in transcription)
Minor Enhancement of O&O RemoteDesktop+ [14. February 2017]
  • New: Links now support also an alternative text in the disconnect message. Syntax: (#LS:<ALTERNATIVE TEXT>)<LINK>(#LE)
  • Several bug fixes and extensions
System extensions [10. January 2017]
  • Extension of system architecture to prepare next major release in Q1/2017
  • Extension for possible OEM versions of O&O Syspectr
License management [10. November 2016]
  • License choice overhauled
  • License management refreshed
  • Several bug fixes
Enhancement of O&O RemoteDesktop+ [7. October 2016]
  • New: Links are now supported in the disconnect message. Syntax: (#LS)<LINK>(#LE)
  • Several bug fixes and extensions
System scaling [15. September 2016]
  • Systems scaled up due to increased demand
  • Several bug fixes and extensions
Optimization of system load and new PowerShell demo script [5. April 2016]
  • New PowerShell demo script "[DEMO] Write / Read HKCU"
    • Demonstrates the possibility to access the local registry as logged-on user
  • Optimization of system load if the Windows Security Center service (wscvc) is not running
  • Several bug fixes and extensions
Getting ready for next system update [3. November 2015]
  • At the moment, new clients are being rolled-out in multiple waves to get ready for the next system update
  • Many improvements and performance optimizations have already been implemented on servers
  • There’ll be no interference with user pages and no interruption in service
O&O Defrag 19 now available in O&O Syspectr [19. October 2015]
  • O&O Defrag 19 can now be managed and installed via O&O Syspectr
  • Various minor improvements
Windows Update for Windows 10 and previous versions [10. September 2015]
  • New Windows Update module
    • The first program to bring back selection of Windows Updates for Windows 10
    • Diverse settings options for Windows 10: automatic, search only, download only, deactivation
    • Selection of available Windows Updates for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise
    • Selection of optional Updates
    • Display the time of last search and last installation
    • All functions can also be used on previous Windows versions
  • USB module revamped
    • Any changes to USB blocking settings from other apps will generate a warning
  • Enhanced Windows 10 support
  • Various improvements to the System module
Revamped client and improved performance [31. August 2015]
  • New client
    • Adapted for the new Windows update from Microsoft
    • Load substantially reduced when searching for updates
    • Various modifications for Windows 10
  • Web application
    • Settings options in the Windows update module enhanced
    • Enterprise users can integrate their own Logos in the web user interface and integrate PDF reports.
    • Various modifications for Windows 10
    • Small bug fixes in the UI (spelling errors corrected)
  • Server
    • The Backend system has been optimized and expanded as a result of a significant rise in user and computer numbers
  • Licensing
    • Integration of the new pricing and licensing models
    • Integration of the Business and Enterprise Editions
    • Integration of the Family Edition form up to 3 PCs
    • Integration of O&O BlueCon for Enterprise customers
New: PowerShell Script Module and improved Hardware Monitor [9. July 2015]
  • New: PowerShell Script Module
    • Create and manage PowerShell Scripts in library
    • Manual and automatic execution when system starts or per schedule
    • Assign a script to several computers
    • Evaluation of return values
    • Create notifications
  • Hardware Monitor with Flapping Status
    • Sensors can still only change status up to 10 times, after which they are specifically flagged
    • Sensors can be deactivated
  • Small bug fixes
Temperatures and fan rotation speeds can now be monitored [11. June 2015]
  • New Hardware module with monitoring
    • Temperature of the Mainboard and CPU
    • Temperature of the GPU (graphics cards) from AMD and nVidia
    • Rotation speeds of the fan
  • Options for settings in the Hardware module
    • Set critical temepratures
    • Set minimum and maximum fan rotation speeds
  • Completed preparations for the new PowerShell Scripting module
  • Several minor bug fixes
New O&O Syspectr Client with numerous improvements [19. May 2015]
  • Program and network access stabilized, especially
    • Client can now login again correctly after computer standby
    • Optimized starting and closing of clients
    • Update problems on clients resolved
  • USB module for MTP devices optimized
  • Better interpretation of status values from Windows Security Center in the Windows Security Module
  • Remote Desktop:
    • Improved stability and performance
    • Optimized network communication
  • Windows Update:
    • Optimized search for updates
    • Improved status evaluation
  • O&O DiskCleaner
    • Improved evaluation of data
  • Preparation for new Hardware and System Info Module completed
  • Several minor bugs fixed
New: O&O DiskCleaner [12. May 2015]
  • New: General availability of O&O DiskCleaner in O&O Syspectr
  • Performance optimized
  • Various minor bug fixes
Windows Updates improved [29. April 2015]
  • Reporting of Windows Updates module has been improved
  • Fixed: Restarts through Windows Updates module were not executed in rare situations
  • Several minor bug fixes
Multi-Tenant Capability [27. March 2015]
  • New: Multi-Tenant capability to create and manage numerous customer accounts
  • New: Display of sessions in the account
  • New: Inactive modules displayed in the computer overview
  • New: Filter for processes expanded
  • New: Add computer direct from Dashboard
  • Display of Windows 10 machines improved
  • Performance optimized
  • Various minor bug fixes
News and Statistics on the Dashboard [6. March 2015]
  • New: Statistics on the Dashboard
  • New: News and Changelog on the Dashboard
  • New: Option to activate and deactivate areas on Dashboard
  • PDF reports expanded to include computer information
  • Increased performance
  • Reduction in data traffic
  • Several small bug fixes
Minor enhancements and resolved issues [25. February 2015]
  • New: Legend for O&O Defrag
  • New: Direct link to modules by clicking on the status icon in events
  • New: Direct link to Microsoft Knowledge Base articles in the Windows Update module
  • New: Automatic removal of event entries in the Dashboard when marked deleted/read
  • New: Menu button added to breadcrumb trail on small displays (Smartphones, Tablets)
  • Fixed: Retains sort sequence when partially reloading page
  • Fixed: Consistent status icons in the tiles under Windows Update and Hard Disk Drive modules
Major update in O&O Syspectr [12. February 2015]
  • Complete overhaul of the user interface
  • New: Two-factor authentication with Authenticator mobile application
  • New: You can now enter your own computer names (aliases) in settings
  • Several bug fixes and optimizations
  • Preparation for the next wave of new modules
Uninstall software with O&O Syspectr [21. January 2015]
  • New: O&O Syspectr now allows software uninstallation for MSI packages [Read more]
  • Improved handling of SSDs in O&O Defrag
  • Performance of clients and servers significantly increased
  • Fix: Consecutive notifications of uninstalled/installed software have been removed
High Accuracy Mode [28. November 2014]
  • High Accuracy Mode for O&O DriveLED, O&O Defrag, Windows Update, and HDD module
  • Network traffic between clients and servers significantly reduced
  • Preparation for upcoming new functionality (O&O DiskStat)
  • IP address added to Hardware module
  • Support for Windows 10 Technical Preview added
  • Several bug fixes in the client application
Network traffic optimization [30. October 2014]
  • Network traffic between clients and servers significantly reduced
Integration of O&O Defrag 18 [16. September 2014]
  • New: Integration of O&O Defrag 18 as a module
New Hardware Module and numerous optimizations [2. September 2014]
  • New: Hardware Module with detailed displays of the system properties (will be rolled out in waves which is why it is not immediately available for every user!)
  • New: Windows Update Module now also displays those updates already installed
  • Optimized memory and processor load (Factor 2-4, depending on respective Module)
  • Optimized Remote Desktop for quicker transfer of picture information and better multi-monitor support
New Software Group Module and Statistics [2. July 2014]
  • New: Software Group Module aggregates the number of software installations based on computer sites allowing evaluation of installed software versions
  • New: Change of E-mail address can now be carried out by the users themselves
  • New: Statistics have been moved from the Dashboard to a separate statistics page
Online Help and Getting Started [16. June 2014]
  • New: Context-sensitive online help can be activated in top navigation
  • New: "Getting Started" displayed in Dashboard for new users
Reports, group view, TAN, proxy settings [26. May 2014]
  • New: PDF reports for individual computers
  • New: Group view
  • New: TAN required when changing password and deleting account
  • New: Local proxy settings will be automatically used for the client's internet communication
Remote desktop extension [8. May 2014]
  • New: A dialog presenting options (news, time, lock) will now be displayed at the end of a remote desktop session
CSMI/RAID Support for O&O DriveLED [6. May 2014]
  • New: Support of CSMI/RAID systems
Improved detection of AV solutions [25. April 2014]
  • New: Detection of Anti-Virus solutions that are not correctly entered in Windows Security
O&O DriveLED revised [16. April 2014]
  • Revision of S.M.A.R.T. values and their descriptions
  • Improved detection of SSDs
Support of Oracle VM VirtualBox [4. April 2014]
  • New: Support of Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • Improved support of Microsoft Hyper-V/VPC and vmware
New Notification System [1. April 2014]
  • Integration of new notification system
New module “Windows Updates” [25. February 2014]
  • New: Monitoring of Windows Updates in separate module
  • New: Allowing remote installation of Windows Updates
Optimization of Client Response Time [21. February 2014]
  • Optimization of client response time, almost reaching real-time level
First public release [27. January 2014]
  • First official release of O&O Syspectr (Beta ends)
Monitoring Windows Updates [18. December 2013]
  • New: Monitoring Windows Updates
Optimization of Client Server Communication [11. December 2013]
  • Reduction of data exchange volume of client and servers, leading to a reduced network bandwidth usage
Revised installation [29. November 2013]
  • New: Personalized installation immediately linked to the user account
  • Totally revised installation
New module “Software” [6. November 2013]
  • New: Module "Software" for software inventory
  • New: Personalized installation (linked to the corresponding account)
  • New: Installation of O&O-Syspectr icons on the desktop
New hard disk module [30. September 2013]
  • New: Module "Hard Disk Drives" for hard disk status
Remote desktop [16. September 2013]
  • New: Remote desktop integrated in client and web apps
Private beta relaunch [14. June 2013]
  • New: Module "USB Storage" for locking and monitoring USB storage devices
  • New: Module "Remote Console" to access command prompts on a remote computer
  • New: Module "Windows Security" to monitor Windows security settings
  • New: Module "Process Watcher" with white and blacklist for processes
  • New: Module "Progress" with all events of the selected computer
  • New: "Neighborhood" to display computer in the local network (it will otherwise be displayed as a "phantom" if the O&O-Syspectr-Client is not running on it)
  • Complete revision of computer view
  • Complete revision of progress view
  • Mail notifications now contain more information (info, warning, error, and corresponding cause)
  • Checklists replaced by specialized modules (see "New")
  • Various bugs fixed
Private beta start [7. May 2013]
  • First "Technical Preview"