Update of the O&O Syspectr Service [2017/06/30]

After a long period of development, we’re now happy to release the new O&O Syspectr Service. It contains not only a large number of improvements, but extensions and preparations for future features as well.  The following is a list of changes:

  • New: The image repetition rate and quality of image transfer can now be selected in the Remote Desktop.
  • New: Hardware recognition has been extended in the Hardware module.
  • New: XEN virtualizations will now be taken into consideration.
  • New: O&O Defrag 20.5 is now supported.
  • New: Only the agent will be installed when using O&O Defrag, and no  longer the entire program environment with user interface.
  • Fix: A domain firewall will also be correctly treated on non-domain computers.
  • Fix: Installation on a Hyper-V computer will now be correctly recognized.
  • Fix: Changes to the subscriptions will no longer result in frequent error notices.
  • Fix: An MTP device connected to a USB port will no longer be displayed as unlocked in the USB module.
  • Fix: Installation of drivers during a Windows update has been corrected.
  • Various minor bug fixes and fine-tuning (e.g. errors in transcription)
Minor Enhancement of O&O RemoteDesktop+ [2017/02/14]
  • New: Links now support also an alternative text in the disconnect message. Syntax: (#LS:<ALTERNATIVE TEXT>)<LINK>(#LE)
  • Several bug fixes and extensions
System extensions [2017/01/10]
  • Extension of system architecture to prepare next major release in Q1/2017
  • Extension for possible OEM versions of O&O Syspectr
License management [2016/11/10]
  • License choice overhauled
  • License management refreshed
  • Several bug fixes
Enhancement of O&O RemoteDesktop+ [2016/10/07]
  • New: Links are now supported in the disconnect message. Syntax: (#LS)<LINK>(#LE)
  • Several bug fixes and extensions
System scaling [2016/09/15]
  • Systems scaled up due to increased demand
  • Several bug fixes and extensions
Optimization of system load and new PowerShell demo script [2016/04/05]
  • New PowerShell demo script "[DEMO] Write / Read HKCU"
    • Demonstrates the possibility to access the local registry as logged-on user
  • Optimization of system load if the Windows Security Center service (wscvc) is not running
  • Several bug fixes and extensions
Getting ready for next system update [2015/11/03]
  • At the moment, new clients are being rolled-out in multiple waves to get ready for the next system update
  • Many improvements and performance optimizations have already been implemented on servers
  • There’ll be no interference with user pages and no interruption in service
O&O Defrag 19 now available in O&O Syspectr [2015/10/19]
  • O&O Defrag 19 can now be managed and installed via O&O Syspectr
  • Various minor improvements
Windows Update for Windows 10 and previous versions [2015/09/10]
  • New Windows Update module
    • The first program to bring back selection of Windows Updates for Windows 10
    • Diverse settings options for Windows 10: automatic, search only, download only, deactivation
    • Selection of available Windows Updates for Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise
    • Selection of optional Updates
    • Display the time of last search and last installation
    • All functions can also be used on previous Windows versions
  • USB module revamped
    • Any changes to USB blocking settings from other apps will generate a warning
  • Enhanced Windows 10 support
  • Various improvements to the System module
Revamped client and improved performance [2015/08/31]
  • New client
    • Adapted for the new Windows update from Microsoft
    • Load substantially reduced when searching for updates
    • Various modifications for Windows 10
  • Web application
    • Settings options in the Windows update module enhanced
    • Enterprise users can integrate their own Logos in the web user interface and integrate PDF reports.
    • Various modifications for Windows 10
    • Small bug fixes in the UI (spelling errors corrected)
  • Server
    • The Backend system has been optimized and expanded as a result of a significant rise in user and computer numbers
  • Licensing
    • Integration of the new pricing and licensing models
    • Integration of the Business and Enterprise Editions
    • Integration of the Family Edition form up to 3 PCs
    • Integration of O&O BlueCon for Enterprise customers
New: PowerShell Script Module and improved Hardware Monitor [2015/07/09]
  • New: PowerShell Script Module
    • Create and manage PowerShell Scripts in library
    • Manual and automatic execution when system starts or per schedule
    • Assign a script to several computers
    • Evaluation of return values
    • Create notifications
  • Hardware Monitor with Flapping Status
    • Sensors can still only change status up to 10 times, after which they are specifically flagged
    • Sensors can be deactivated
  • Small bug fixes
Temperatures and fan rotation speeds can now be monitored [2015/06/11]
  • New Hardware module with monitoring
    • Temperature of the Mainboard and CPU
    • Temperature of the GPU (graphics cards) from AMD and nVidia
    • Rotation speeds of the fan
  • Options for settings in the Hardware module
    • Set critical temepratures
    • Set minimum and maximum fan rotation speeds
  • Completed preparations for the new PowerShell Scripting module
  • Several minor bug fixes
New O&O Syspectr Client with numerous improvements [2015/05/19]
  • Program and network access stabilized, especially
    • Client can now login again correctly after computer standby
    • Optimized starting and closing of clients
    • Update problems on clients resolved
  • USB module for MTP devices optimized
  • Better interpretation of status values from Windows Security Center in the Windows Security Module
  • Remote Desktop:
    • Improved stability and performance
    • Optimized network communication
  • Windows Update:
    • Optimized search for updates
    • Improved status evaluation
  • O&O DiskCleaner
    • Improved evaluation of data
  • Preparation for new Hardware and System Info Module completed
  • Several minor bugs fixed
New: O&O DiskCleaner [2015/05/12]
  • New: General availability of O&O DiskCleaner in O&O Syspectr
  • Performance optimized
  • Various minor bug fixes
Windows Updates improved [2015/04/29]
  • Reporting of Windows Updates module has been improved
  • Fixed: Restarts through Windows Updates module were not executed in rare situations
  • Several minor bug fixes
Multi-Tenant Capability [2015/03/27]
  • New: Multi-Tenant capability to create and manage numerous customer accounts
  • New: Display of sessions in the account
  • New: Inactive modules displayed in the computer overview
  • New: Filter for processes expanded
  • New: Add computer direct from Dashboard
  • Display of Windows 10 machines improved
  • Performance optimized
  • Various minor bug fixes
News and Statistics on the Dashboard [2015/03/06]
  • New: Statistics on the Dashboard
  • New: News and Changelog on the Dashboard
  • New: Option to activate and deactivate areas on Dashboard
  • PDF reports expanded to include computer information
  • Increased performance
  • Reduction in data traffic
  • Several small bug fixes
Minor enhancements and resolved issues [2015/02/25]
  • New: Legend for O&O Defrag
  • New: Direct link to modules by clicking on the status icon in events
  • New: Direct link to Microsoft Knowledge Base articles in the Windows Update module
  • New: Automatic removal of event entries in the Dashboard when marked deleted/read
  • New: Menu button added to breadcrumb trail on small displays (Smartphones, Tablets)
  • Fixed: Retains sort sequence when partially reloading page
  • Fixed: Consistent status icons in the tiles under Windows Update and Hard Disk Drive modules
Major update in O&O Syspectr [2015/02/12]
  • Complete overhaul of the user interface
  • New: Two-factor authentication with Authenticator mobile application
  • New: You can now enter your own computer names (aliases) in settings
  • Several bug fixes and optimizations
  • Preparation for the next wave of new modules
Uninstall software with O&O Syspectr [2015/01/21]
  • New: O&O Syspectr now allows software uninstallation for MSI packages [Read more]
  • Improved handling of SSDs in O&O Defrag
  • Performance of clients and servers significantly increased
  • Fix: Consecutive notifications of uninstalled/installed software have been removed
High Accuracy Mode [2014/11/28]
  • High Accuracy Mode for O&O DriveLED, O&O Defrag, Windows Update, and HDD module
  • Network traffic between clients and servers significantly reduced
  • Preparation for upcoming new functionality (O&O DiskStat)
  • IP address added to Hardware module
  • Support for Windows 10 Technical Preview added
  • Several bug fixes in the client application
Network traffic optimization [2014/10/30]
  • Network traffic between clients and servers significantly reduced
Integration of O&O Defrag 18 [2014/09/16]
  • New: Integration of O&O Defrag 18 as a module
New Hardware Module and numerous optimizations [2014/09/02]
  • New: Hardware Module with detailed displays of the system properties (will be rolled out in waves which is why it is not immediately available for every user!)
  • New: Windows Update Module now also displays those updates already installed
  • Optimized memory and processor load (Factor 2-4, depending on respective Module)
  • Optimized Remote Desktop for quicker transfer of picture information and better multi-monitor support
New Software Group Module and Statistics [2014/07/02]
  • New: Software Group Module aggregates the number of software installations based on computer sites allowing evaluation of installed software versions
  • New: Change of E-mail address can now be carried out by the users themselves
  • New: Statistics have been moved from the Dashboard to a separate statistics page
Online Help and Getting Started [2014/06/16]
  • New: Context-sensitive online help can be activated in top navigation
  • New: "Getting Started" displayed in Dashboard for new users
Reports, group view, TAN, proxy settings [2014/05/26]
  • New: PDF reports for individual computers
  • New: Group view
  • New: TAN required when changing password and deleting account
  • New: Local proxy settings will be automatically used for the client's internet communication
Remote desktop extension [2014/05/08]
  • New: A dialog presenting options (news, time, lock) will now be displayed at the end of a remote desktop session
CSMI/RAID Support for O&O DriveLED [2014/05/06]
  • New: Support of CSMI/RAID systems
Improved detection of AV solutions [2014/04/25]
  • New: Detection of Anti-Virus solutions that are not correctly entered in Windows Security
O&O DriveLED revised [2014/04/16]
  • Revision of S.M.A.R.T. values and their descriptions
  • Improved detection of SSDs
Support of Oracle VM VirtualBox [2014/04/04]
  • New: Support of Oracle VM VirtualBox
  • Improved support of Microsoft Hyper-V/VPC and vmware
New Notification System [2014/04/01]
  • Integration of new notification system
New module “Windows Updates” [2014/02/25]
  • New: Monitoring of Windows Updates in separate module
  • New: Allowing remote installation of Windows Updates
Optimization of Client Response Time [2014/02/21]
  • Optimization of client response time, almost reaching real-time level
First public release [2014/01/27]
  • First official release of O&O Syspectr (Beta ends)
Monitoring Windows Updates [2013/12/18]
  • New: Monitoring Windows Updates
Optimization of Client Server Communication [2013/12/11]
  • Reduction of data exchange volume of client and servers, leading to a reduced network bandwidth usage
Revised installation [2013/11/29]
  • New: Personalized installation immediately linked to the user account
  • Totally revised installation
New module “Software” [2013/11/06]
  • New: Module "Software" for software inventory
  • New: Personalized installation (linked to the corresponding account)
  • New: Installation of O&O-Syspectr icons on the desktop
New hard disk module [2013/09/30]
  • New: Module "Hard Disk Drives" for hard disk status
Remote desktop [2013/09/16]
  • New: Remote desktop integrated in client and web apps
Private beta relaunch [2013/06/14]
  • New: Module "USB Storage" for locking and monitoring USB storage devices
  • New: Module "Remote Console" to access command prompts on a remote computer
  • New: Module "Windows Security" to monitor Windows security settings
  • New: Module "Process Watcher" with white and blacklist for processes
  • New: Module "Progress" with all events of the selected computer
  • New: "Neighborhood" to display computer in the local network (it will otherwise be displayed as a "phantom" if the O&O-Syspectr-Client is not running on it)
  • Complete revision of computer view
  • Complete revision of progress view
  • Mail notifications now contain more information (info, warning, error, and corresponding cause)
  • Checklists replaced by specialized modules (see "New")
  • Various bugs fixed
Private beta start [2013/05/07]
  • First "Technical Preview"