Changes 2023/01/10

Posted:  January 10, 2023

Changes in the Public Channel (available to all users):

  • NEW: Availability of the computers – optional logging of the online/offline status with sending of the mail notification and a progress visualization in the dashboard
  • NEW: Individual computers can be excluded from recording availability
  • NEW: Extension of PDF reports to include computer availability (tabular)
  • NEW: Improved navigation
  • NEW: Display of explanations directly in the O&O Syspectr apps (can be deactivated)
  • NEW: Hardware Monitor: Support for new sensors
  • FIX: Improvement of customer troubleshooting by O&O Support
  • FIX: Drive Monitoring: Improved support for NVMe based drives
  • FIX: Increased security when registering and logging in
  • FIX: Improved readability for emails
  • FIX: Correction of spelling mistakes and localizations
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes and adjustments in the UI