Changes 2022/02/23

Posted:  February 23, 2022

Changes in the Public Channel (available to all users):

  • NEW: Integration of “G DATA Antivirus Business” in O&O Syspectr as a premium app
  • NEW: Extension of the online documentation
  • FIX: Installation improvement
  • FIX: Improved computer search in dashboard
  • FIX: Improved uninstallation of software, also of O&O Syspectr Client itself
  • FIX: Defender App stability
  • FIX: Extended license management
  • FIX: New sorting of Apps tiles in computer view
  • FIX: Security App stability
  • FIX: “Windows Updates” App extended for groups
  • FIX: Minor bug fixes and adjustments in the UI
  • FIX: Correction of spelling mistakes and localizations