Changes July 10th, 2020

Posted:  July 10, 2020

Changes in the Public Channel (available to all users):

  • NEW: O&O Defrag module: Job planning expanded
  • NEW: Overview of activated / available premium subscriptions
  • NEW: Navigation improved
  • NEW: Creation of groups simplified, selection of computers during creation
  • NEW: Complete revision of the design (in progress)
  • FIX: Input of computer tags improved
  • FIX: Google Chrome: display error with zoom levels not equal to 100%
  • FIX: Upload of own logos for PDFs and WebApp improved
  • FIX: Various performance problems when displaying the groups fixed
  • FIX: Bug in the remote desktop fixed – no connection possible on occasions
  • FIX: Correction of spelling mistakes and localizations
  • Small bugfixes and adjustments in the UI