Here you can find the most commonly asked questions regarding O&O Syspectr. Should you not find the answer to your particular question here, then please contact us. We are always happy to help!

Using O&O Syspectr for free

Is O&O Syspectr really free?

Yes, it’s really free. You are under no obligation and can of course stop using it at any time. With the optional fee-based Premium apps and Premium and Enterprise Edition, you can further expand the functionality of O&O Syspectr.

Can I use O&O Syspectr within my company?

Yes, it may be used by private users as well as by companies and organizations.

How many machines/endpoints can I manage in my account?

The Free version allows up to 10 endpoints to be managed. With the premium and Enterprise Editions, the number is unlimited. We do, with respect to our Fair Use Policy, request that you contact us if you plan to use O&O Syspectr on more than 10,000 endpoints. This way we can make sure and reserve the necessary amount of server capacity.