Here you can find the most commonly asked questions regarding O&O Syspectr. Should you not find the answer to your particular question here, then please contact us. We are always happy to help!


What are the apps in O&O Syspectr?

Apps combine types of information or features. O&O Syspectr already contains a number of apps that provide information about the computer’s status quickly and easily. These apps also allow for partial control of the various components. Typical apps are Software, Hard Disk Drives, Remote Desktop, etc. According to the license, there are different apps available. There are also premium apps available that provide additional or advanced features in exchange for a modest fee. These moduapps les can be ordered as needed.

How do I enable or disable an app?

Apps can also be deactivated if you wish so that the associated system information is no longer requested or the appropriate function is made unavailable.

To activate or deactivate an app simply select the appropriate computer, click on the settings symbol (a cog wheel positioned top right over Computer Information). The settings page displays all available apps which can be turned on or off using the slide control.