Identifying Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities

Posted:  January 18, 2018

In response to the possible vulnerability of nearly all IT systems worldwide to Meltdown and Spectre attack scenarios, we’ve extended O&O Syspectr to identify afflicted computers. This extension is based on Microsoft guidelines for identifying such problems on current Windows systems:

  • New: Expansion of the “Windows Security” module to include the following features (*)
    • Checking hardware to see how current its firmware is
    • Expanded verification of Windows-Updates to see how up to date they are
    • Verification of configured Windows settings
  • Various minor bug fixes and customizations (such as correction of spelling errors)

If one of these features reports a problem, it could mean that the system in question is experiencing an attack as a result of Meltdown and/or Spectre. This being the case, you should contact your hardware supplier to obtain the necessary updates.

(*) Note: This feature must be actively enabled by the user because it is not enabled by default.