New module “Processes and Services”

Posted:  March 14, 2018

Latest innovations in Public Channel (available for all users):

  • NEW: “Processes and Services“ module for monitoring and modifying processes and services
  • NEW: The build number of Windows 10 will now be displayed in the computer view
  • NEW: In response to user requests, the time format has been extended with an “AM/PM“ setting in the account
  • NEW: Windows Security: program icons have been updated and extended
  • NEW: The settings for modules in computers will now display all available modules and not just the ones that have been assigned to that computer

Latest innovations in Insider Channel (only available for users who have actively enabled this):

  • NEW: Drive monitoring now recognizes NVMe drives (Non-Volatile Memory Express)
  • NEW: Detection in the Hardware module has been extended
  • NEW: Driver installation for Windows Updates has been improved
  • FIX: Remote Desktop dialog was no  longer readable with 200% font size; this has been corrected