Revamped client and improved performance

Posted:  August 31, 2015
  • New client
    • Adapted for the new Windows update from Microsoft
    • Load substantially reduced when searching for updates
    • Various modifications for Windows 10
  • Web application
    • Settings options in the Windows update module enhanced
    • Enterprise users can integrate their own Logos in the web user interface and integrate PDF reports.
    • Various modifications for Windows 10
    • Small bug fixes in the UI (spelling errors corrected)
  • Server
    • The Backend system has been optimized and expanded as a result of a significant rise in user and computer numbers
  • Licensing
    • Integration of the new pricing and licensing models
    • Integration of the Business and Enterprise Editions
    • Integration of the Family Edition form up to 3 PCs
    • Integration of O&O BlueCon for Enterprise customers