Module: Windows-Updates


Module: Windows-Updates

Operating systems that are not up to date are among the most common targets for hackers. That’s why it’s especially important for your system to have all the latest updates for Windows and other Microsoft products installed. In this module, O&O Syspectr lists available updates and you can decide whether these should be installed immediately.

O&O Syspectr installs updates for Windows Defender immediately and automatically as soon as these become available and automatic installation for Windows updates has ben enabled on the computer. Windows itself installs them – even if automatic updates has been enabled – only after a set interval so that possible security gaps might arise. O&O Syspectr protects you from this happening.
  • Protection from unpatched security leaks: install Windows updates as soon as they are available and not when the interval set by Windows for installation has elapsed
  • Clearly laid out display of all Windows updates for the corresponding computer. Split into important and optional updates.
  • View of all updates that are already installed with their importance and installation dates indicated
  • All O&O Syspectr data is saved exclusively in our German data center and is subject to German laws concerning privacy – among the strictest in the world

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