Update of the O&O Syspectr Service

Posted:  June 30, 2017

After a long period of development, we’re now happy to release the new O&O Syspectr Service. It contains not only a large number of improvements, but extensions and preparations for future features as well.  The following is a list of changes:

  • New: The image repetition rate and quality of image transfer can now be selected in the Remote Desktop.
  • New: Hardware recognition has been extended in the Hardware module.
  • New: XEN virtualizations will now be taken into consideration.
  • New: O&O Defrag 20.5 is now supported.
  • New: Only the agent will be installed when using O&O Defrag, and no  longer the entire program environment with user interface.
  • Fix: A domain firewall will also be correctly treated on non-domain computers.
  • Fix: Installation on a Hyper-V computer will now be correctly recognized.
  • Fix: Changes to the subscriptions will no longer result in frequent error notices.
  • Fix: An MTP device connected to a USB port will no longer be displayed as unlocked in the USB module.
  • Fix: Installation of drivers during a Windows update has been corrected.
  • Various minor bug fixes and fine-tuning (e.g. errors in transcription)