Private beta relaunch

Posted:  June 14, 2013
  • New: Module “USB Storage” for locking and monitoring USB storage devices
  • New: Module “Remote Console” to access command prompts on a remote computer
  • New: Module “Windows Security” to monitor Windows security settings
  • New: Module “Process Watcher” with white and blacklist for processes
  • New: Module “Progress” with all events of the selected computer
  • New: “Neighborhood” to display computer in the local network (it will otherwise be displayed as a “phantom” if the O&O-Syspectr-Client is not running on it)
  • Complete revision of computer view
  • Complete revision of progress view
  • Mail notifications now contain more information (info, warning, error, and corresponding
  • Checklists replaced by specialized modules (see “New”)
  • Various bugs fixed