Secure your Windows systems with O&O Syspectr

O&O Syspectr supports you in protecting your systems against attacks from both outside and inside. There are three apps taking care of this: Windows Security, Windows Updates und USB Storage.

Windows Security

This app gives you an overview of the security of your systems. O&O Syspectr checks all the important attack points in Windows and warns you as soon as a potential problem arises.

Is a guest account still active or a User Account Control (UAC) turned off? Potential security gaps are spotted immediately and permanently monitored by O&O Syspectr.

Should the Windows Firewall be turned off, you get notified. You can respond immediately and turn it on, even when you’re on the road! O&O Syspectr monitors your antivirus programs to make sure they are up-to-date, activated and it prevents possible attacks.

Windows Updates

Out-of-date operating systems are one of the most common attack points for hackers. That is why it is of the utmost importance that your systems always have the latest Windows updates and further Microsoft products installed. O&O Syspectr lists the available updates for you and you can decide if and when they should be installed.

Updates for Windows Defender

Updates for Windows Defender are carried out automatically by O&O Syspectr as soon as they become available and providing you have activated the automatic installation of Windows updates on the computer. Windows itself only installs them after a certain time interval, which creates a security gap. O&O Syspectr closes that gap.

Protection against data theft

Connecting USB devices (sticks, hard disks or cell phones) poses a twofold risk: defective software can be transferred to the system, and in the other direction valuable data can be transferred from the computer onto the storage device and taken away.

With the USB Storage app you can exclude connection of external devices, including smartphones, and be informed should such a device be connected to one of your systems.

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