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Simplified RMM System for Comprehensive Management and Monitoring

Introducing O&O Syspectr, the ideal RMM system for those who find traditional RMM systems too complex. O&O Syspectr provides comprehensive, real-time IT management and monitoring, offering remote access and control for all your devices. This cloud-based solution enables proactive system maintenance, enhancing productivity and minimizing downtime. With its cutting-edge features like hardware and software tracking, alert system, and security monitoring, O&O Syspectr is your go-to tool for optimizing IT infrastructure. Ideal for businesses seeking seamless, efficient IT operations.

Hardware Inventory and Monitoring

O&O Syspectr’s Hardware Inventory feature offers comprehensive tracking and management of your IT assets.

This tool provides real-time visibility into your hardware configuration, helping to prevent system failures and optimize performance.

Track device specifications, monitor component health, and anticipate hardware upgrades, all from a convenient, centralized platform. O&O Syspectr’s Hardware Inventory function transforms IT asset management, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.

Software Inventory

The Software Inventory feature in O&O Syspectr provides a streamlined, efficient solution for managing all installed software across your IT environment.

Offering detailed insights into software versions, license statuses, and usage, O&O Syspectr empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions, ensuring software compliance and avoiding potential vulnerabilities.

The centralized platform simplifies software auditing, upgrades, and uninstallations, enhancing IT operations.

Remote Desktop and Console

The Remote Desktop and Remote Console features offer seamless, secure access to your IT assets, no matter where you are.

These tools allow real-time interaction with your devices, troubleshooting issues, and executing commands promptly.

The Remote Desktop provides a graphical interface for an immersive control experience, while the Remote Console offers a text-based approach for advanced users. Together, they facilitate efficient IT operations, reducing downtime and saving time-consuming on-site visits.

Windows Security and Privacy

The Windows Security and Windows Privacy features ensure your IT assets stay protected and compliant.

The Windows Security function provides real-time monitoring of your system’s security settings, identifying potential threats and ensuring data safety. Meanwhile, the Windows Privacy feature safeguards sensitive information, helping businesses adhere to privacy regulations and control what data is shared.

Together, they form a robust defense, protecting your IT environment from cyber threats and privacy breaches. Centralized control and notifications keep you informed and proactive.

Windows Updates and Microsoft Defender Antivirus

O&O Syspectr’s Windows Updates and Microsoft Defender features ensure your systems stay current and secure.

The Windows Updates function streamlines the management of system updates and upgrades, enhancing security and system performance. Meanwhile, integration with Microsoft Defender offers robust, real-time protection against malware, viruses, and other cyber threats.

Together, they form an essential part of your IT security strategy, maintaining system health and protecting your digital assets.

G DATA Antivirus Business Integration

O&O Syspectr’s integration with G DATA Antivirus Business offers top-tier, enterprise-grade protection for your IT infrastructure.

This feature provides real-time threat detection and removal, safeguarding your systems from viruses, malware, and other cyber threats. G DATA’s cutting-edge technology, combined with O&O Syspectr’s centralized monitoring, ensures your business’s digital safety.

Stay proactive with automatic updates and detailed security reports, making your IT security management efficient and reliable.

Drive Monitoring and Disk Usage

Monitor S.M.A.R.T. values of data volumes, receiving automatic notifications if values deteriorate to the point of imminent failure.

O&O Syspectr’s Drive Monitoring and Disk Usage features provide comprehensive oversight of your system’s storage health and usage. Drive Monitoring tracks hardware health, predicting potential failures and allowing preemptive action to prevent data loss. The Disk Usage function gives an overview of storage allocation, aiding in efficient data management and optimizing system performance.

Together, they ensure your storage infrastructure is reliable and well-utilized, contributing to overall system health and longevity.

O&O Defrag and Disk Cleanup

The O&O Defrag and Disk Cleanup features ensure optimal system performance and storage efficiency.

The O&O Defrag function optimizes your hard drives, reducing file fragmentation and enhancing system speed. Meanwhile, the Disk Cleanup tool identifies and removes unnecessary files, freeing up valuable storage space and improving system efficiency.

Together, these features contribute to a healthier, faster, and more efficient IT infrastructure, enhancing productivity and the lifespan of your digital assets.

Processes, Services, and Process Watcher

O&O Syspectr’s Processes, Services, and Process Watcher features provide detailed insights into your system’s operations, enhancing performance and stability.

The Processes and Services tools allow monitoring and control of running applications and system services, optimizing resource usage. The Process Watcher, on the other hand, offers real-time tracking of processes, alerting you to unexpected changes that might indicate system issues.

Together, these features empower you with granular control over your IT environment, ensuring optimal functionality and security.

USB Storage Management

The USB Storage feature offers comprehensive management and monitoring of USB devices connected to your system.

This function provides real-time tracking of USB usage, ensuring data security and preventing unauthorized access. With the ability to log device connections and data transfers, and block them if required, O&O Syspectr’s USB Storage feature enhances your IT infrastructure’s safety and compliance.

It’s an essential tool for businesses seeking to mitigate risks associated with portable storage devices.

What our customers say

“It was fortunate I was investigating O&O Syspectr as the COVID pandemic hit. Syspectr gave me a way to setup and deploy an accessible remote support mechanism when it was most needed, without any additional infrastructure.”

Ian Bowes, University of Southampton

PowerShell Scripts Management

O&O Syspectr’s Powershell Script feature equips you with the power of automation, enhancing IT operations and efficiency.

This function allows the creation, deployment, and execution of custom Powershell scripts across your devices, enabling automation of routine tasks, bulk operations, and complex system management activities.

O&O Syspectr’s centralized platform makes script management simpler and more efficient, including a script library. The Powershell Script function is a vital tool for IT professionals seeking to optimize their workflow.

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